How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Nowadays, transparent plastic aligners, of which Invisalign is the most popular are being used by both adults and teenagers. For older kids and adults who don’t want to be seen wearing braces, Invisalign promises to straighten the teeth without using metal hardware. Its discrete look also makes it the perfect choice for these individuals.

A consultation is the first step of the Invisalign treatment. At this time, the position of the patient’s teeth is evaluated, and a personalized treatment plan is made. It could even offer a sneak peek at the outcome.

For therapy to be successful, each aligner must be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day and will be replaced every other week on average. By applying a modest amount of pressure to the teeth while they are worn, each aligner will progressively alter the position of the teeth. If necessary, they can rotate the teeth in addition to shifting them vertically and horizontally. Adults receive therapy for an average of 12 months, depending on the severity of the condition.

Factors That Influence Wear Time Variation

Everyone has a different mouth, just like every fingerprint. As a result, it is hard to estimate the precise length of treatment. While some may require up to 18 months, other individuals who just require minor repairs can finish therapy in as little as six months.

These are a few of the primary variables that affect how long treatments last:

  • Crowded teeth

Invisalign process length

The teeth may be out of alignment owing to crowding if the jaw is on the smaller side (or the teeth are on the bigger side). While moderate cases of crowding will take longer, some minor cases can be remedied in as little as six months. The teeth will need to shift farther and more slowly during treatment the more dental crowding you have.

  • Uneven Teeth

Diastema, or spaces between teeth, can be caused by tissue expansion or by teeth that are too small for the jawbone. Similar to crowding, small gaps will be fixed considerably faster than large ones.

Depending on how fast the teeth respond, expect the treatment to last closer to 18 months if have both moderate to severe gaps and crowding.

  • Person’s Age

Although Invisalign is fantastic for both adults and teenagers, how soon it works depends on the age. Teenagers’ teeth often move more quickly and easily than adults since they are still developing.

Although not permanently bonded to the teeth, Invisalign trays can move the teeth as quickly as or even more quickly than conventional braces. For aesthetic reasons, many people dislike wearing metal braces, but this isn’t the only drawback of conventional braces. Compared to toddlers or teens, adults may not require more time to complete their Invisalign treatment. Age is not a deciding factor; everyone is unique, and some mouths have teeth that move readily while some people’s mouths have teeth that take a little longer to move.

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